France presents bill to end “Islamic fundamentalism” and bans education in mosques



In another major step in the fight against “Islamic fundamentalism”, the French government on Wednesday introduced a new bill, under which it will be compulsory to send children to school from the age of three. It will be compulsory for people of all religions living in France to send three-year-olds to school. Home schooling of children will only be permitted in special circumstances.

With this bill, the government has tried to crack down on these illegal schools, where education is provided under a specific program.

French President Emmanuel Macron said this bill would be effective in eliminating the separatists who weaken the nation and that children would benefit from a good education from the start. It can be noted that since the Paris incident, Macron has taken severe measures against Islamic terrorism. For this reason, Muslim countries, including Turkey and Pakistan, have opened a front against him.

The “Support Republican Principles” bill would prevent children from studying at home or in mosques. The president believes that this will help put an end to attempts to promote an ideology contrary to France’s values. The bill also mentions the abolition of separate swimming pools for women and men.

The bill specifies that mosques will be registered as places of worship in order to better identify them. In addition, the judge will have the right to prevent a person convicted of terrorism, discrimination, hatred or violence from visiting the mosque.

The bill also provided for a control of foreign funding. After the entry into force of the law, full information on foreign funding above 10,000 euros must be provided.

Provisions have also been made in the bill to end forced marriages. In addition, it was also said that strict action would be taken against these doctors, giving women a virgin certificate. If found guilty, the doctor can also be jailed for a year. Although the bill does not directly mention Islam or Muslims, it is believed that after the Paris incident this bill was prepared with Muslims in mind. This move by France is almost sure to ignite Muslim countries.


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