Fundamentalism is a false religion, subverting the true religion

Here is a list of some fundamentalist dogmas:

  • There is only one set of correct beliefs.
  • There is only one set of good roles for men, women and children.
  • The secular laws of a country should reflect the laws of God.
  • No separation between State and Church.
  • Public education must instill fundamentalist beliefs in young people and very young children.
  • Men are superior to women. Women are inferior to men. God ordained women to take on the roles of wives, mothers, and housewives.
  • God wants men and women to be heterosexual. Any deviation or addition is to be condemned.

The dogmas come from my reading of “The Fundamentalist Agenda,” a post 9/11 article in UU World Magazine, published by Unitarian Universalists. He compares Islamic fundamentalism with Christian fundamentalism. The list applies to both Christian fundamentalists and Islamic fundamentalists. The two have a lot in common.

The article evoked various thoughts.

“There is only one set of righteous beliefs” implies that there is only one “true” religion. Christian denominations disagree with each other on basic dogma, even on how to be saved. Therefore, some denominations must have false teachings.

“No separation between state and church” can only mean: “No separation between state and a SPECIFIC church”. It can only mean “No separation between the State and the One, True Religion”. Of course, “false” beliefs should not be tolerated. Therefore, freedom of religion should not be allowed.

God will naturally favor the nation which accepts its “one and true religion”. A nation that allows “false” beliefs to flourish may lose God’s favor and protection. Therefore, blasphemy cannot be tolerated and can be punished as civil crime, that is, as a crime against the state. For the same reason, the state must punish apostasy, that is, renunciation of religious belief. (This is the case today in some Islamic countries and it was the case in the Middle Ages in most countries of Christian Europe.) Sanctions for blasphemy and public apostasy hamper freedom of speech, but fundamentalists don’t see this as a problem because they don’t value free speech. (In the United States, some fundamentalists even take offense at “Happy Holidays” and ask “Merry Christmas” instead.)

The demand for unconditional faith is not limited to religion. Faith in certain secular dogmas (eg, “The election has been stolen.” “Masks are useless; vaccines damage.” “Trump is God’s chosen one.”) Is also required. Such faith is obviously impermeable. Evaluating evidence requires skepticism and critical thinking, two qualities fundamentalists dislike. On the contrary, blind faith is valued.

“The secular laws of a country must reflect the laws of God” implies that society reflects as much as possible the character of God. Young people must be taught an idealized image of the State, they must see the State as pure, noble and good: “God is with us”. (Many people want God to be on their side; fewer people are willing to be on God’s side.) Thus, the nation’s crimes must be covered up. Any history of slavery, racism, genocide of indigenous peoples and wars of aggression should not be taught in schools. No critical breed theory is allowed!

“Public education must instill fundamentalist beliefs in young children.” This explains why fundamentalists oppose sex education and the evolution of teaching in public schools; why they insist the Earth is a few thousand years old rather than the billions we know.

There is only one set of good beliefs, ”and you better believe them! Otherwise, a God who loves you will allow you to be tortured forever and ever. This instills a fear of independent thought and a fear of doubting accepted dogma. In the fundamentalist, this fear extends to the political domain. The 2020 election was stolen? Isn’t the Covid worse than the flu? The vaccine has micro-robots, makes you magnetic, or god knows what else? If Trump says it, if my preacher says it, then the fundamentalist has only one choice: to believe.

Once the fundamentalists’ ability to reason rationally and to investigate with skepticism has been bypassed, there is no end to the nonsense they will accept. Witness the QAnon belief, which seems to inhabit an entirely different universe from the universe where logic and common sense reside.

“Men are superior to women. Women are inferior to men. God ordained women to take on the roles of wives, mothers, and housewives. Is reflected in 1 Timothy 2:12, “I do not allow a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. Women are inferior and must be submissive. In some nations, their property belongs to their husbands. Women are allowed to choose how they dress, but within narrow limits. They should not be allowed to use contraceptives or have an abortion.

Some fundamentalists believe that the main (or only) legitimate use of sex is procreation. They believe that such use of sex elevates them above the lower animals; in fact, he places them on the level of the lower animals, below the human level. Pussies and female dogs are only interested in sex when conception is possible. To belittle the use of sex as an expression of love and intimacy and benevolence – and even pleasure – places sex at the level of the cat and the dog.

The affinity between fundamentalists and the lower animals runs even deeper. Imagine a primitive tribe of humans or apes. The males fight the other tribes and protect the community. They are the strongest physically. The chief of the tribe is the man who can defeat any other member of the tribe, male or female. He commands fear and respect. In the human tribe, disagreement or independent thought or belief is not tolerated. The chief’s word is law. The relationship of the fundamentalist to his God reflects the relationship of the tribal member to the leader.

Additionally, a tribal mindset leads to suspicion and hatred of foreigners – in American fundamentalism, a hatred of blacks, Mexicans, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, liberals, intellectuals, scientists – the list lengthens again and again.

The dogmas and beliefs we have discussed fit well in an authoritarian tribal society; gender equality, the right to freedom of thought, speech and religion are ill-suited.

But perhaps the most important point of the article is this:

“… the agenda of all fundamentalist movements around the world is virtually identical, regardless of religion or culture.

An obvious corollary is the following:


Fundamentalism is based on a state of mind that predates Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad. and possibly the discovery of fire by humans. This is the state of mind of the primitive tribe, huddled in a cave at night, fearing thunder and the howling wind.

Fundamentalism is a religion which is attached to other religions. We can compare it to a computer game or a web browser. You can change the look of a computer game or change the theme in a web browser. Same game, same browser; different look. Christian fundamentalism, Islamic fundamentalism; same religion but different appearance.

Fundamentalism is the expression of a primitive human state of mind. It is a twisted vine, which attaches itself to other better religions, (sometimes) by expelling their life. Or cancer likely to develop in any religion, to the detriment of that religion.

Finally, here is a short list of genuine Christianity versus fundamentalist Christianity. The reader can probably think of other examples.



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$ 100,000 is not an unreasonable bill for having a child.

To help poor people

Sloths don’t deserve free gifts.
The rich need tax relief, the poor don’t.

Love your neighbor as yourself

As long as my neighbor isn’t a black, Mexican, immigrant, LGBTQ, liberal, intellectual, or scientist who believes in evolution,

Forgive seven times seven

Forgive the CEO who imposes 80-hour weeks, the MAGAs who tried to overthrow the US government, the rich who oppress the poor. Otherwise, “close them and throw away the key”

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Grab your AK-15 and ‘hang in there’

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