Fundamentalism is more dangerous when practiced by the majority than by the minority: Kerala minister, MV Govindan

Triggering a fresh debate on the CPM’s stance on fundamentalism, the party’s central committee member and Kerala minister, MV Govindan, on Monday said majority fundamentalism was more dangerous than minority fundamentalism.

Responding to the twin political killings in the state last week allegedly implicating the RSS and the Indian People’s Front (PFI) in Palakkad, Govindan, who is the Minister of Local Government and Excise, said: “Minority fundamentalism and majority fundamentalism cannot be considered the same. Majority fundamentalism is more dangerous. Majority fundamentalism works for the formation of the Hindu rashtra. Hatred towards minorities is part of this attempt to create a Hindu rashtra. Minority fundamentalism emerges to resist majority fundamentalism. There is no doubt that it is majority fundamentalism that leads to the development of minority fundamentalism,” Govindan said.

The minister said the killings last week – of a local PFI leader and an RSS pracharak – were aimed at creating communal unrest. “There is a common agenda behind these incidents. Both forces want to harness their strength by engaging in such violence and the police cannot prevent it,” he said.

Responding to Govindan’s comments on fundamentalism, BJP state chairman K Surendran said the CPM’s stance on minority fundamentalism would turn Kerala into Kashmir. “The Minister’s comments indicate open support for the PFI. While the PFI has become a threat to peaceful life in the country, the CPM’s tacit support for minority fundamentalism is cause for concern. The CPM has an alliance with the communal forces. He whitewashes the PFI, which is an Indian international religious terrorism agency. CPM supports extremist forces,” he said.

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Opposition leader VD Satheesan said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was appeasing all communal forces under the guise of social engineering. The CPM engaged in relations with the RSS and the PFI during the last assembly elections, so the government cannot take strict measures against the communal forces, he said.

Since the 2021 Assembly elections, the ruling CPM has been accused of being soft on minority fundamentalism as well as majority fundamentalism.

Last week, while reacting to the interfaith marriage of a young party member in Kozhikode District, former CPM lawmaker George M Thomas said the marriage had shattered communal harmony in the area. and that the party would take action against the local leader who had married a Christian woman. The party later clarified that it encouraged such interfaith and secular marriages.

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