London conference: “No to belligerence and fundamentalism” on the eve of Eid Al-fitr

NCRI logoMaryam Rajavi: Islam is a messenger of freedom and the overthrow of the absolute rule of the clergy

On Thursday April 28, 2022, on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, a conference entitled “No to belligerence and fundamentalism” was held in London, in the presence of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Iranian Resistance (NCRI). Several political and religious dignitaries from various countries also spoke at the conference, some via video. Members of Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI) at Ashraf 3 in Albania also participated in the online conference.

Representatives and political figures from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Algeria, Sudan, Ukraine and Great Britain participated in the conference, including Riyad Yassin, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador of Yemen to France, Major General Ashraf Rifi, former Lebanese Minister of Justice (2014-2016); Tareq Mehdi Abdoltawab, former Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Air Force, Hatem Ali al-Sar, former Minister of Trade and former presidential candidate in Sudan, Moeen al-Marabi, former Lebanese Minister for Refugee Affairs ; Bari Morgan, Archbishop of Wales (2003-2017), Ata Abdah, Member of Parliament from Jordan, Abdul Wahab Al-Mo’avazeh, Member of Parliament from Yemen, Tahar Boumedra, former UN human rights chief in Iraq , Pavlo Kukhta, adviser to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Abdessalam Ould Horma, member of the Mauritanian Parliament, Roger Lyons, former secretary general of the MSF union, and Christina Rees, writer and member of the General Synod of the Church of England,

In his speech entitled “Islam is the messenger of freedom and the overthrow of the absolute power of the clergy”, Maryam Rajavi says: “Since then, under the name of Islam, Khomeini and his successors have oppressed and plundered. They are engaged in warmongering, and in the name of Islam they export terrorism and crimes to Middle Eastern countries, which is their worst betrayal. In fact, they spread Islamic fundamentalism, an ideology against Islam. Confronting Islamic fundamentalism requires an opposing cultural alternative. This powerful alternative is democratic Islam, as represented by the MEK. She added: With this ideology, the fight against the mullahs’ regime has been going on for more than 43 years. More than 120,000 have died, but this struggle continues. She emphasized: Authentic Islam believes that governments should be based on the vote of the people. She added that the ruling mullahs have discriminated religiously and incited hostility between Shiites and Sunnis.

In his speech, Riyad Yassin reiterated that by committing crimes and killings, the ruling regime in Iran is using the Houthi militias to destabilize Yemen and the entire region. He wished the Iranian people freedom and democracy.

Ashraf Rifi said: “The rich history of Iranian civilization, culture and religion has been distorted by the murderous ruling regime and its policies. Similar to what they did to Iraq and other countries in the region, the mullahs have occupied and held Lebanon hostage and are using it to blackmail their negotiations with the West. Yet we warn the West that no concessions should be made to the Iranian regime from Lebanese pockets. The Lebanese people do not accept any solution offering concessions to Hezbollah and the Iranian regime in Lebanon. For the past 40 years the regime has tried to convince the Arab world and its neighbors that there is no alternative to its rule and that if this regime were to fall it would be chaos or a regime worse than the current one would take over. . While there is a serious alternative in Iran, the NCRI, which is centered on the MEK, with more than half a century of struggle and sacrificing 120,000 martyrs in this way, now has support and strong network in Iran. The protests and uprisings taking place inside Iran show that with the overthrow of this regime, without a doubt, a democratic and peaceful Iran is on the way, which will be the epicenter of peace and stability in the region, and that is why the MEK is popular in Arab and Islamic countries. We also support their goals. We do, and we stand with the Iranian people because we have common goals and interests,” he added.

Ata Abdah said: “The tyranny of the mullahs is not limited to the Iranian people, but also to the Iraqi, Syrian, Yemeni and Lebanese people, and has disrupted the security and stability of the region. We salute the efforts of Mrs Maryam Rajavithe Iranian Resistance and the glorious heroes of Ashraf 3, and we salute and support Mrs. Rajavi’s 10-point plan and stress that the free world stands with Mrs. Maryam Rajavi,” he added.

Referring to the NCRI President-elect, the former Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, said: “Being a Muslim herself, Mrs. ) country and providing a democratic platform that offers all religious and ethnic minorities in Iran equal rights and the opportunity to shape the future of your country. He added: “I urge the UK and our government to stand with you, to recognize your struggle for freedom and democracy in Iran, just as we do in Ukraine.”

National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Secretariat

April 28, 2022

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