McGowan compares alleged threats of beheading his family to ‘Islamic fundamentalism’


“This kind of threats, intimidation, violence, extremism [are] dangerous, it is useless and it will not change anything in the government ”, he declared.

“All of this is worrying. You can’t say it isn’t, that’s the kind of thing Islamic fundamentalists do. This is Syria. This is not the Australian method.

“I urge everyone out there too, think about who you associate with, all those people at the rallies, all those people reading conspiracy theories.”

“These people are not good people.”

Following the charges, Mr McGowan admitted he and his family were considering leaving his publicly known address in his constituency of Rockingham, south of Perth, although he said there were no plans to move for the moment.

Mr McGowan also targeted the group of MPs pressing the coalition government to overturn state vaccine mandates, describing them as unfit for parliament, and warned Prime Minister Scott Morrison to don’t bow to them.

“I see them very badly, they are only political opportunists; they will do anything to get attention and get votes, say and do anything, including putting people’s lives in danger, ”he said.

“They are conspiracy theorists, they are weird, they shock people, and I urge people not to listen to them, including the Prime Minister.

“The Australian Prime Minister should not try to appeal to these people. What he should try to do is help us get people vaccinated because that is the way to go. “

The most recent threats against Mr. McGowan follow two other serious incidents which have resulted in arrests.

Days after WA’s tenure was announced, Perth’s father Jamon Hartzer was arrested on suspicion of death threats against Mr McGowan and several other politicians, including Mr Morrison and Victorian Prime Minister Dan Andrews.

Police reportedly discovered registered firearms in an unlocked cabinet during a raid on Mr Hartzer’s property.

Mr McGowan was also forced to shut down his polling station earlier this month as staff received threats of rape.

Another man was arrested on November 8 after allegedly attempting to deliver an old British armored war vehicle with a fake turret to the Rockingham Prime Minister’s Election Office.

Mr. McGowan has also been harassed by loud protesters twice recently while visiting regional cities in Washington state.

On November 21, Mr McGowan had to be taken to safety by police after protests cursed him during a visit to Eaton, near the southwest town of Bunbury.


The escalation of threats follows similar patterns in Victoria, where protesters of the state’s proposed pandemic laws have directed increasingly violent language against politicians, particularly Mr Andrews, and used props like a gallows to organize bogus executions.

Police are also investigating the alleged assault on the daughter of Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick, who has announced his support for the pandemic bill.

Mr Meddick said last week he believed the alleged assault occurred because of his position on the bill.

The Perth protests have so far resulted in no violence.

About 10,000 people marched through the streets of Perth’s CBD on Saturday to protest the warrant, holding up signs with slogans such as “I just love Mark McTwat”, “coercion is not consent” and “my body, my choice “.

A protester who did not want to be named said Today on Saturday she was vaccinated but was walking for the right for others to choose what to do with their bodies.

Others described how they were prepared to quit their high-paying mining jobs to avoid getting vaccinated.

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