OPINION… The Blasphemy of Deborah: Islamic Fundamentalism and Northern Nigeria

The face of the Nigerian media turned wistful last week on Thursday when chilling news emerged from its hellish shell that a certain Deborah Samuel Yakubu had been killed for the offense of blasphemy. she committed against the only prophet of Islam. , Mohammed bin Abdullah (SAW) I could not understand myself because something like this happened in a country – whose name I will keep to myself for a reason that I will not state here, those who are aware of events in the cosmos might know though – recently. The only clear difference is the killer: Deborah’s is an angry mob, but this one, I say, is that of a lady who accused the deceased of blasphemy. The comedy of it all is that this offense is committed in a dream, as revealed by the guilty suspect. Are you kidding too? It’s the same thing I do. But it’s that in this country, I don’t think it should or would have happened in Nigeria. But the deed was done. Just like that Yoruba aphorism, the knife cuts off a child’s finger and he throws it away, couldn’t the knife have caught on? It happened. It is an understatement if we say that something of this nature has not happened before, it is rather prodigious.

In this article, I’ll recap the whole issue and add some details before I drop my own take. It happened that a confabulation was going on in the WhatsApp group of some students of the prestigious Shehu Shagari College of Education in Wammako, Sokoto State. This lady shahu was in her home economics level 200 and a “nonsense prophet” was credited with being said by her. As we all know, this statement sounds outrageous. In the bitter reactions, the angry Muslim brothers laid her on the hot ground under the usual sweltering sun which nibbles everyone’s neck and they threw stones at her like the Quranic Shaytan until almost both of her kidneys were gone. went out. And you call them students? I do not think so. They are what reporters would have called “unknown gunmen” if they weren’t local, because theirs was the worst I’ve ever read. They didn’t get the maximum use out of it they had hoped for earlier, so they picked up some spare tires and put them next to her like they were logs. Instantly, a black goat emerged from the crowd with matches and transformed the helpless soul’s body into another barbecue roast. Don’t tell me you forgot the 42-Human Barbecue we saw not too long ago? It was in that same state of Sokoto.

I tell you that the administration headed by Buhari has something to offer Nigerians when it comes to safety of life and property. He personally condemned the misconduct twenty-four hours later with ‘violence doesn’t solve problems’ and Mr PYO said it was ‘distressing’. Not only that, many scholars, people and vital agencies like Christian Association of Nigeria, Muslim Rights Concern, Amnesty International have taken sides against this gruesome but inglorious murder. Nevertheless, we have Islamic fanatics who are just charged with strict fundamentalism. They are just counter-bodybuilders. One of them is Anas Mohammad Sani, who, according to his Facebook biography, is the personal assistant to Sokoto’s finance commissioner. He claimed Ms Samuel was brutally murdered because she was reckless with her tongue. No one said no, was what we were asking true? No matter the situation, justice in the jungle is never an option. There is no gain if we take the laws into our own hands. Rep ipsa loquitur, this happened in the Mecca of Nigeria (Sokoto State) where Islamic Sharia courts flourished without barricades. Why couldn’t the lady have been arrested and tried there if in fact her statement was blasphemous as claimed? Why couldn’t the killers turn her over to a state law enforcement agency? Thomas Hobbes said, life will be “poor, mean, short, lonely and short” in a state of nature like this. I reinforce Primate Elijah Ayodele’s assertion that the killers are terrorists hiding under the mask of religion. They intended to create anarchy, remember the presidency of 2023 is knocking on the door little by little, you don’t forget the tales?

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It is high time that the Northerners stop acting as the Deputies of Allah on the cosmos. Even though there is a Quranic verse that prescribes death as a penalty for blasphemy, dear Muslims should think outside the box. They should know that what God said there was a matter of protection or a confirmation that religion will not take any ease with anyone who disturbs it. Allah wills it and did not tell you to shed blood. You call Islam a Deen Salaam (religion of peace), is this brutal murder also an “ibadah” (act) of peace? You just paint religion black and brown. Now you have to tolerate what everyone says about religion. What you intended to prevent in the beginning will now become a matter of debate everywhere and you will have to accept whatever they say now: either for or against you and your religion. Good Muslims have to be one with one with a hybrid of habits, you can be apoplectic, you have to do everything with ‘sobur’ (patience).

Northern Nigeria is now seen as the epicenter of crimes ranging from Boko Haram, toxic ISWAP and the most angry week in religious matters such as this. Northern Nigeria is now a petrifying symbol of taciturn silence for anyone who wants to say anything about religion. People are not safe when they are next to someone from the North, their thinking faculty whispers to them that they might be hurt, so they lock their gobs immediately even if they intended to say something quintessential thing before. This must stop, the North is not a citadel of noise.
Not only the North, but other parts of the country are expected to follow suit. There is nothing wrong if a Christian goes to a Muslim school, learns to tolerate himself. The Prophet Muhammad says in hadith 16 of the An-Nawawi collections that “you should not be angry!” He demonstrated it to you after one of his uncles (Abu Jahl) threw a placenta on him, did he utter a single curse? Nope! I demanded justice for anyone found in connection with the crime. They are deaf, they did not listen to what Allah Himself commanded in Quran 33:49 that “and ignore their boring talk and put your trust in Allah”. Please don’t fight for God or his prophets.

AUTHOR: Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed

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