Transgender ideology – the new fundamentalism

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Forget the Catholic Inquisition, Protestant iconoclasm or the Salem witch hunt – there’s a new kid on the block. He, or maybe I should say “ze”, stands under the banner of LGBTQ+ equality, inclusivity and tolerance. It is a faith that will tolerate no questioning or dissent. But the description of its core values ​​as “inclusiveness and tolerance” is an oxymoron – a contradiction in terms – because it is a creed based on the denial of equality, on the exclusion and harassment of those who dare to express their disagreement, and on bigotry and prejudice.

The last victim of falling under this brand of intolerance is a schoolgirl who was careless enough to challenge the view that critical theory takes precedence over biological reality in defining women, after an anonymous female member of the House of Lords was invited to her anonymous private school to speak about transphobia in Parliament.

A not unreasonable comment from the schoolgirl, one would have thought, and an opinion shared by many women. But after the meeting, when the girls returned to sixth form, the teenager was apparently surrounded by up to 60 yelling and screaming classmates, who insulted and spat at her, eventually chasing her out of the room in tears. Since then, the young girl has felt so intimidated by the bullying and accusations of transphobia that she was forced to quit school and study alone at home for her high school diploma.

On any level, behavior like that displayed by the feral mob, who seem to think it’s okay to hunt down a comrade like this, is a disgrace. The same goes for the attitude of the staff, who one might have expected to step in and defend vigorously, telling their persecutors that everyone has the right to express honest opinions and ask questions. – especially when these opinions are based on science – and that discussion and debate are essential to a society that values ​​freedom and respect and defends the rights of all. But, unbelievably, the teachers seem to have mostly sided with her tormentors, banishing her, before she left, to the library.

It’s appalling, or invertebrate at best, and a travesty of fair inquiry and debate – which, one might have thought, was the basis of education. Former US President Ronald Reagan says famous, “Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. We did not pass it on to our children in blood. It must be fought, protected and passed on for them to do the same.” The UK would do well to pay attention.

One of the greatest threats to freedom in the Western world – apart from Vladimir Putin with his threats of mass extinction – is the attempt to rebrand our culture through the unquestioned and unconditional imposition of the current LGBTQ+ ideology. The schoolgirl expelled from her school was expressing a scientific point of view against the imposed fantasy of ideologues, seeking to recreate and redefine humanity in terms of what they “want” rather than what “is”.

Their unsubstantiated claims are insulting to both women and Christians. To the first group, because such claims deny the characteristics of what it is to be a woman and to experience life as a woman; and to the second, because such an affirmation challenges our creation as man and woman, made in the image of God, reflecting together and conjointly the totality of God.

The self-proclaimed thought police – in this case, the victim’s classmates and teachers – dismissive of anything that challenges their attempt at moral change and their talk of gender equivalence, have been vicious in their compliance requirements. If we allow such oppression – and persist in protecting, as so often happens, the identity of the oppressors – then the chaos and violence already evident in society can only grow. We will not only lose all moral pretensions, but also the values ​​on which our society was founded. And our nation will surely fall.

Rev Lynda Rose is the founder of Voice for Justice UKa group that works to uphold the moral values ​​of the Bible in society.

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