UK employers fight religious beliefs in the workplace | New


While human resources (HR) managers believe they allow employees to express their religion and beliefs in the workplace, employees don’t recognize it according to a ComRes study.

The Belief at Work Faith at Work Study, gathered informal information from workplace leaders and interviewed HR managers and adults in paid employment in Britain to test knowledge of seven of the categories of characteristics protected under the Equality Act 2010.

While many HR managers said they make arrangements for their employees to pray at work (42%) and observe holy days and religious holidays (37%), only one in five workers acknowledged this. – with only 19% of them stating that their employer makes arrangements to plan working hours around holy days or religious holidays (excluding national holidays like Christmas or Easter), or to pray during working hours.

Katie Harrison, Director of ComRes Faith Research Center said, “We have found that human resource managers have a very different view of what is happening in their workplace than many workers.

“A litmus test for many workplaces is the Monday morning conversation. Do people always say what they did on the weekend, or do they omit the part about pursuing a religious or belief related activity because they feel uncomfortable saying it? “

To celebrate good practices in creating a corporate culture where people of all faiths and none can thrive, ComRes invites people to nominate their employer for a Belief At Work award.

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